Hydroponic Vegetables

After many hours of watching YouTube videos, ordering and shopping for supplies, and getting our seeds started we have started to assemble our dutch bucket growing system. Hydroponics is growing vegetables without soil.  The system takes some knowledge to get the equipment setup and a few already rooted vegetables.

As I was searching for gardening techniques on the Internet I found several videos from MHPGarderner.  He covers a lot of farming ideas from planting straight into the ground, growing veggies in his greenhouse and the idea that really caught my eye- hydroponics.  So we used a lot of his ideas and here is a pic of our new system before the plants have been added.

If you are interested in this system then be sure to check out MHPgardener. 

Our soil is so sandy and really does not have the nutrients needed for a great garden.  We have had to work with the soil and add compost, muck, and chicken poop to the small garden area we have.  We are hoping this will be the answer to expanding our growing possibilities.

Once our buckets are lined with a paint strainer and the perlite is added then we will plant tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants in the buckets. A small pump will pump the nutrients into the buckets and excess will drain back into the reservoir (AKA blue container).

The lids need to be added to the buckets.  Roger has to drill a 3 inch hole in the center for the plant.  The lid helps keep the rain water out (somewhat) and the wind from blowing the perlite out of the buckets. 

Can hardly wait to see if this works!!!

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