Freezing Green Tomatoes

Freezing green tomatoes is very easy. Just follow these simple steps

 Prepare your work area
I put a layer of parchment paper on each sheet pan.  Just to make sure the frozen tomatoes do not stick on pan. I only have four sheet pans so I have to work in small batches.
Make sure you have plenty of room to work

Washed tomatoes ready to be sliced

Slice tomatoes into 1/4 slices I slice off and discard the very tip of the tomatoes and the part where the stem is connected to the bush

Place evenly on sheet pans Close but not touching

Place in freezer until fully frozen -generally a couple of hours will do
Be sure to label your bag with contents and date frozen

Add as many to the bag as needed

 Now lets cook some fried green tomatoes.  Coat your tomatoes in cornmeal and fry until golden brown. 

I love my fried green tomatoes topped with feta cheese

Now that I have green tomatoes in my freezer I can enjoy these anytime of the year

Keto friendly bread


The recipe was simple for this low carb bread.  

Here is where I found the recipe

The texture was more consistent with corn bread more than a sandwich bread.  The flavor was ok but I found it was better toasted than plain.  Next time I would use a smaller loaf pan so that the bread is not so flat

My love for bread is what henders my weight loss on the keto diet.  I will continue my quest for a great alternative to my love of white bread.  Because without a great bread great sandwiches can not be made.

Taking Time Away From Our Farmhouse

We are taking some time off from our farm to explore America.  Hope you will come along and see where we have been and where we are going

Check out our travel blog at RVing Across America

Canned cole slaw

Made 5 pints of canned coleslaw.  Read so many blogs and comments about how great the canned coleslaw is that I just had to give it a try.

One medium cabbage shredded
Two large carrots shredded
One small onion minced
Sprinkle with a teaspoon of salt and let it sit for one hour before canning with the syrup

The syrup recipe and the amounts I used

2 cups white vinegar
1/2 cup water
3 cups sugar
2 tsp celery seed
2 tsp mustard seed

Heat to boiling then remove from heat and let syrup cool completely 

Sterilize jars and wash seals and rings

Rinse cabbage mixture and drain
Add 1/2 of syrup mixture to cabbage mixture
Pack in pint jars

Pack fairly tight in jars leaving 1 inch head space
Add syrup to cover
Put in water bath canner 
Be sure water covers jars by a couple of inches
Waterbath jars for 15 minutes

To make cole slaw drain syrup from cabbage mixture and add mayo.  

Make Your Own Granite Cleaner

My new thing to do now is make my own cleaning and laundry supplies.  My first thought was it can not be as cheap as couponing and the products can't really work as good as name brand products.  Then  I began to think about what is in the expensive brands and the ingredients that are in homemade products.  I decided for the health of my family it was worth a shot at mixing my own products.

Today I noticed my favorite spray bottle of granite cleaner was almost empty.  Method Daily Granite is or was my product of choice for cleaning my granite every day.  The counter tops always look clean and shiny and the bottle states it is surface safe, non toxic, and plant based.  My only objection to this cleaner is the odor sometimes makes me cough.  Since my bottle was getting low I knew it was a good time to test the effectiveness of my homemade cleaner verses my Method cleaner.

Counter top before cleaning

Countertop after cleaning

The counter top was sparkly clean with the homemade cleaner and the Method cleaner. 

There was two things different  about the two cleaners.   THE COST!!! and the homemade did not have a strong odor.

Break down of cost of homemade cleaner

Spray bottle $.96
8oz. Rubbing alcohol. $.75
1oz Dawn dish detergent $.20
32oz water from faucet free
Total cost for 41 ounces of cleaner 95 cents plus 96 cents for the spray bottle (which I will continue to refill)

Method cleaner $4.98 for 12 ounces 

Even with couponing I doubt I could find a granite cleaner that does the job as cheap as my homemade cleaner.  So far I am sold on homemade.

Have you tried making homemade cleaners for your home?  Do you think they work?   I would love to hear your opinions.

Canning Green Peanuts

Green peanuts brings back memories of good times for me.   When I lived in Georgia we grew peanuts in our garden and when the green peanuts were harvested we would have a peanut boil.  Family and friends would get together, a big fire was lit , and a large pot of green peanuts would be cooking over the fire.  The only food served at this get together would be the peanuts and a large amount of sweet tea.  Every year when the green peanuts arrive at the farmers market it brings back good memories of all those times with friends and family.

I don't get to enjoy going to a peanut boil anymore but I still eat the heck out of boiled peanuts.  R can't watch a ballgame without a big bowl of peanuts. So we buy bushels of these nuts when they are available and freeze and can them for later. 

First of all green peanuts are not green, they are pink when fresh out of the shell.  They are called green because it hasn't been long since they were pulled out of the ground and they haven't had time to dry out.  The green peanuts must be kept in a cooler or fridge until cooked.

Freezing peanuts is a simple project.  All you need is a super large pot, peanuts, water, and salt. 

After the peanuts are cleaned and washed they are put in the pot with a brine mixture of one gallon of water to one cup of  Ball® Pickling Salt Make enough brine to cover the peanuts.  After a couple of hours of cooking I start to  taste the nuts for tenderness and saltiness.  Once the nuts reach the soft not mushy  texture then I turn off the heat and let the peanuts cool in the brine water until the nuts are as salty as I like them.  Then I put the peanuts (not the brine) in a freezer bag and freeze.  To eat I just put the peanuts and fresh water in a pot and warm up the peanuts.  Sometimes I just pop them in the microwave to heat.

Canning is a little more complicated than freezing.  I like to have some canned peanuts on hand to take on camping trips or to take when we go out on the boat.  Here is how I can my peanuts

Heat (7) Ball Regular Quart Jars and lids and rings

Clean and wash the peanuts --wash with fresh water three times -this is important

Cook peanuts for about ten minutes in fresh water

While the peanuts are cooking I mix my brine ( one gallon water and one cup Ball® Pickling Salt and bring to a boil

Pack Peanuts in the hot jar and ladle the brine water to cover leaving 1/2 inch head space. Place seal and lid on jar

Place jars into Presto Aluminum Pressure Cooker/Canner

Can in a pressure canner
Style of PackJar SizeProcess Time0 - 2,000 ft2,001 - 4,000 ft4,001 - 6,000 ft6,001 - 8,000 ft
HotPints45 min11 lb12 lb13 lb14 lb

If you are a first time canner go to the USDA for canning food website to learn how to safely prepare foods for canning.  Another great place to learn to can is at Home Canning For Beginners and Beyond.

Whether I am sitting by the campfire or sitting in the boat on the water all I have to do is pop off the lid and enjoy my boiled peanuts (no heating needed) What a perfect snack!

So I hope you will try some green peanuts, can a few for outdoor trips, and freeze a few for ballgame watching.

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