Fall Garden Plans

Since I am not spending my free time harvesting, canning, freezing, or dehydrating my vegetables-- I am dreaming of my fall garden and surfing the web for gardening ideas.

When me and Rog  return from our trip to Chicago it will be time to start planting.  This year we are going to set up a hydroponic garden.  We have been ordering our supplies and watching loads of youtube videos.  There is a youtube guy --MHPGarderner-- that has over 200 videos which most are about vegetable gardening.  MHP is where we are getting most of our information for hydroponics.

I have been growing sweet potato slips for the last month.  Three little sweet potatoes have produced enough slips to plant a row in our garden.  I place the potatoes in a container with toothpicks holding half of the potato out of the water


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