Homemade Butter with Garden Fresh Herbs

Today I decided to try my hand at making butter.  According to all the sites I have read on making butter it is as simple as adding heavy cream to a jar and shake until the liquid separates from the fat. 
Directions says shake for twenty minutes or longer

Sounds easy but after five minutes my hand was already tired, so I decided to try another way.

I put the cream in my food processing bowl with the dough blade. Pressed the power button and the dough button and waited to see what would happen.

I looked inside and this is what was happening-- it was getting thick so I put the top back on and pushed the power button again

The next time I looked it was butter.  The liquid had separated and I had butter.

It made a nice log of butter but then I decided to make herb butter since I have so much cilantro and parsley in the garden.

Chopped the cilantro and parsley and added half to each. The butter was soft so it was easy to blend the herbs into the newly made butter.

Next I put the herb butter in my ball herb container and placed this in the freezer. 

Since I still had half of the cream left I decided to make another batch of butter and just use it plain.
When I finished I had a pound of butter and one and half cups of what I call skim milk.  The cream cost $3.69 for the quart and from this I got a pound of butter.  May not be a cost saver but it is exciting to be able to make my own butter. 
As soon as the potatoes in the garden are ready they will be tasty with my herb butter.

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