Roasted Vegetables are the Best

Here is the last of my fresh picked Brussels sprouts and my second head of cauliflower. I used my extra large cast iron frying pan but a cookie sheet works great too. This time I used a little bacon grease to roast my vegetables, sprinkled the veggies with salt and placed the pan in a 400 degree oven .Takes about 30 minutes check veggies and cook until light brown or soft.  The bacon grease was okay but I wished I had stuck with olive oil.  Next time I will use olive oil to roast the veggies but still crumble bacon over the veggies for a little extra crunch and flavor.
If you have never roasted vegetables in the oven it really brings out the flavor. Only one pan is needed to roast several different vegetables, since the flavors stay true to each vegetable.  If you cooked on the stove top each veggie would need its own pan. 
 I can't wait for my first picking of squash and zucchini so I can roast up a big platter of oven roasted squash. 

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