Drying Herbs

The parsley is really growing in the vertigro
pots.  I cut a bunch and
 I snipped it from the big stems I gave it a rinse then a spin   


Next I arranged the parsley in my food dehydrator, put the lid on and set the temperature at 105 degrees.  This temp keeps the green color --a  higher temp seems to cook the parsley and then it turns an ugly color

After 6 hours in the dehydrator the parley is dry and feels kind of crumbly.I check the feel of the parsley after about four hours and once an hour until it is dry. Rub the parsley gently in the palm of hands onto a flat tray lined with parchment paper. This separates the tiny leaves from the stems. Pick out the stems and discard.  Using the paper as a funnel fill your glass jar and label.

Parsley is simple to grow and simple to dry.  If you do not have a dehydrator all you need to do is tie a bunch of parsley together and hang to dry.  This takes longer but it works just as well.
Most important is knowing how the plant was grown and how clean the plant is when it is dried. Sometimes dried herbs are years old when bought at the store.  Growing your own means you know how old your dried herbs are.
It's spring so grab a container, fill it with dirt, and plant some herbs.

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