A Little Time Off

Sometimes you just have to take a little time off.  Yesterday R and I went fishing on the Ocklawaha River.  Neither of us really know how to fish but we have the boat, we have the equipment, and we have a Florida fishing license.  I prefer a pole and a live worm where as R likes a rod and reel and some kind of fake thing on his hook.

After a few hours of killing off a few worms and getting his jig hung in the lilly pads we finally gave up.  R swears there are no fish in the Ocklawaha River.  After this boat ride, because you really can't call it a fishing trip, we headed home.  R with his hurt pride and me with a little sun on my legs went home and did a little farming.  When the temperature is 86 degrees it makes you want to go fishing and also do some farming
Today is a work day (outside of home and where I pick up a paycheck). So for the next four days I can only dream of fishing /boating. Let me know what you like to fish with and any tips on catching a fish would be appreciated.

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