Make Your Own Granite Cleaner

My new thing to do now is make my own cleaning and laundry supplies.  My first thought was it can not be as cheap as couponing and the products can't really work as good as name brand products.  Then  I began to think about what is in the expensive brands and the ingredients that are in homemade products.  I decided for the health of my family it was worth a shot at mixing my own products.

Today I noticed my favorite spray bottle of granite cleaner was almost empty.  Method Daily Granite is or was my product of choice for cleaning my granite every day.  The counter tops always look clean and shiny and the bottle states it is surface safe, non toxic, and plant based.  My only objection to this cleaner is the odor sometimes makes me cough.  Since my bottle was getting low I knew it was a good time to test the effectiveness of my homemade cleaner verses my Method cleaner.

Counter top before cleaning

Countertop after cleaning

The counter top was sparkly clean with the homemade cleaner and the Method cleaner. 

There was two things different  about the two cleaners.   THE COST!!! and the homemade did not have a strong odor.

Break down of cost of homemade cleaner

Spray bottle $.96
8oz. Rubbing alcohol. $.75
1oz Dawn dish detergent $.20
32oz water from faucet free
Total cost for 41 ounces of cleaner 95 cents plus 96 cents for the spray bottle (which I will continue to refill)

Method cleaner $4.98 for 12 ounces 

Even with couponing I doubt I could find a granite cleaner that does the job as cheap as my homemade cleaner.  So far I am sold on homemade.

Have you tried making homemade cleaners for your home?  Do you think they work?   I would love to hear your opinions.


  1. Hi Shirl,
    I love to make my own cleaning supplies too so I am delighted that you shared your DIY Granit Cleaner with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I appreciate it! I'm pinning and sharing this too!

  2. This is so smart. Dawn soap will do anything!