The Garden

This is what I harvested this week.  It looks like slim pickings but in a few weeks the veggies are going to be bountiful.
Only a few heads of lettuce left in the floating pond system but I did plant more in the vertical pots the first of March. Tomatoes have been producing since October and I can't wait to see how long we can keep them growing. The strawberries are beautiful and taste as sweet as they look.  Please don't laugh at the three little heads of cauliflower.  Maybe my fall crop of cauliflower will produce larger heads. 
The asian pear tree bloomed out this week and it is a beautiful sight.  The pears will start ripening in August and I can hardly wait to start eating and canning the pears. This tree is over 50 years old and still produces great pears each year.


Can you believe all the yellow summer squash on this bush and it is only March 20th. 
Behind my flower pot sculpture is the onion crop.  The stems are starting to yellow so I know it will not be long before its time to start harvesting the onions.

Part of our hydroponic garden.  The pots are filled with coconut coir and the drip igrigation provids the nutrients and water through the black tubing on top.  The irrigation is set on a timer and runs for 15 minutes twice a day.

Strawberry Plants in the Vertical Pots
Eggplants in Vertical Pots

Jalapena Pepper

Mustard Greens

Eggplant Bush in Hydroponic Dutch Bucket System               


I am very proud of our garden and I hope you have enjoyed the tour this week.  

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