It is Looking a Lot Like Spring

Wow the yard and garden is beautiful this morning.  As I walked outside I could hardly wait to take photos of all the new blooms and other things that is showing signs of Spring.  It has been an unusually warm winter in Florida but there are signs that Winter is over and Spring is officially here.

The pear tree that looked like a dead tree is full of blooms and is showing the beginning of leaves. 

One of the blueberry bushes has blueberries but the other 6 bushes only have blooms

The smell of the blossoms on the citrus bushes is one of my favorite scents.  If we are blessed with as much  citrus as we have blossoms we will be lucky this year.

This morning was the first time I had seen any life in the persimmon trees.  Its not much but it lets me know they are alive and will be putting on fruit soon.  Big problem is waiting until November for the fruit to be ripe enough to pick.  These persimmons are as sweet as candy and worth the wait.

This fig tree was planted last June and was barely a foot tall when we bought it.  Over last summer the tree grew very fast and is now over 8 ft tall. 

Each side of the flamingo is pomegranate trees.  Sad to say they have been planted for over two years and still look skimpy Hopefully they will both grow this year and maybe we will get a pomegranate.

Nothing says spring like a bush of azalea flowers.

The girls are happy to see spring too. They are really enjoying the last of the BokChoy.  When the hens are happy we are happy with all the eggs they provide. This has been a really good egg week.

This little girl is having a good time playing in the green grass. She is hoping to find herself a few bugs.
There is nothing like living on a farm and it is more special in the spring of the year.


  1. It's nice to see spring has arrived somewhere! The weather can't make up it's mind here. I'm thinking our figs died back to the ground this winter, but we will see. They made it through ok last winter, but it was milder. They always come back from the roots though.

  2. Isn't it amazing how fast figs grow? They really aren't hardy here, but I'm trying. And at least if they die back to their roots over the winter, they pop up fast.

  3. It's great seeing all the fruit trees. Keep it up!

  4. Hello. How old is your persimmon? I just bought a very small Fuyu and wondering when it might fruit for me.

    1. We have had the trees planted for two years now. This past summer they had more fruit than their little limbs could hold. We had to stake the tiny things up