Tour of Garden and Hydroponic Systems Used

I love walking in my little garden in the morning while I have my coffee.  Here is what our garden looks like so far this year.

The strawberries are coming along in the NFT system( short for Nutrient Film Technique).  This system is made up of 4" sewer pipe, a plastic tote, pump, and wood.  The water flows continuously through the pipe.  The strawberries are planted in a 3" net pot with coconut coir.
The tomatoes are planted in the dutch bucket system.  The water also circulates but only a few times a day.  This system is set up on a timer.  The buckets are filled with perlite. Even with no dirt the tomatoes have a good tomato taste not watery as I was afraid they would be.
This is our Kratky system which we call the ponds.  The Kratky system is made of Styrofoam, plastic and some wood for the sides.  The water and fertilizer does not flow through this system it just sits in the pond.  This system is best suited for lettuce. 

Vertigro pots are also good for growing strawberries.  These pots are filled with coconut coir and perlite.  The plants are watered at the top with the nutrient water solution. 

Hydroponics has so many positives
No weeds in hydroponics so the plants get all the nutrients.  No waste of water - in Florida this is so important. Plus they look beautiful growing in these systems.

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