Making Grape Jelly

The grape vines have grown very tall so we had to get the tractor with the bucket out to pick the grapes.  Plus this is how we get the kids to pick for us.  These are wild grapes that grow everywhere here in Florida. They are small and tart which makes a very good jelly.

Jelly making is simple and fast once the juice is extracted from the grapes.  A large piece of cheese cloth or very thin cloth works for squeezing out the juice. Last year I decided to use my juicer and it worked but was a mess to clean out of the machine.  Just put a handful or two of grapes in the cheese cloth and twist and squeeze into your bowl. Dump the pulp and repeat until all the grapes are juiced.

Follow the recipe that comes in the sure jell pack and you have jelly. 

Be sure you sterilize the jars and heat the lids.

Check to make sure the jelly is sealed in the jars and it will last a few years in your pantry.

This method works for wild blackberries too.  (getting the kids to pick for me) LOL

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