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Yesterday when I did my quick post of what I did with all the oranges-- I forgot about my orange marmalade.  That is the great part about living in Florida-- People have oranges and people love to share.  This time of year we have access to more oranges than we can eat fresh.  So I try to be as creative as possible in preserving my oranges and grapefruits.

I followed the receipe in my bread machine recipe book.  Yes I made the marmalade in my bread machine ( that little white machine behind my jar of marmalade)

This is the entire batch that comes out of the bread machine recipe. 

I do love my bread machine because it does so many things such as  bread, rolls, pizza dough, and jams.  I have to say it is worth the 35.00 I paid for it. 

Fresh bread and homemade marmalade

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